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game features
  • Reels - 5
  • Lines - 25
  • Min bet - $0,50
  • Max bet - $200
  • Max payment - x250
  • Wild symbol - yes
  • Scatter symbol - no
  • Bonus game - no
  • Free spins - yes
  • Risk game - no
  • Autoplay - yes

Slot Power Force Villains

So, what do we have here - someone wants to join the ranks of the bad guys? Well, welcome! The community of super villains will not be prevented by recruits, but first you need to pass a small test. Launch the Power Force Villains slot machine by Push Gaming on Play Fortuna Casino and fight with a team of heroes, who try to stand before our onslaught in vain. Collect all the bonuses and get to the jackpots to help us realize the cunning plan of the millennium! You, of course, can join those Boy Scouts in Power Force Heroes slot, but they will just pat your shoulder for diligence. But the real success, measured in six-figure sum, is waiting for you only among the inglorious bastards. But enough preludes - its time to act!

Any hero can resist the whole armada of villainous symbols

online slot Power Force Villains play for money

If you've already played the Power Force Heroes slot, you surely remember one of the bonus features, in which most of the positions on the reel are occupied by the wild symbols. This feature is slightly changed in the Power Force Villains slot. The images of villains fill the reels instead of wild symbols. In this case, the prize is paid at the highest coefficient, because these pics have the highest multiplier. And this is just a distracting maneuver to disorient the good guys, while you advance to the other bonus slots.

Tremble before the power of the bonus block, that gives the free spins!

If a team of super-friends from Power Force Heroes slot thinks they can win, they are deeply mistaken. It's enough to use one of the main trump cards - a huge bonus symbol, that occupies nine cells, as the defenders of truth and justice will immediately lose their bravado. This huge sign gives you a certain amount of free spins and individual super spins when it opens.

Get rid of everything that's unnecessary during 30 free spins

Watching free spins is nice in any slot, but in the Power Force Villains - especially. Pay attention to the green indicator above the reels - it shows which of the lowest symbols disappear, leaving only the most valuable pictures. It happens in the following way:

  • The card signs J, Q, K, A are marked on the indicator.
  • The corresponding pictures are forced out of the reels starting with the Jack.
  • As the images disappear, the green scale is filled up.
  • Your winnings grow with each spin, because the combinations of more valuable symbols are formed more often.

The number of free spins depends on how many bonus symbols fall out when you open a large bonus sign.

slot machine Power Force Villains play for free

Super-villains spins

In addition to the usual free spins, there are also special free spins, where the villainous heroes appear in all its sinister beauty. Here, you can get up to 30 Super Spins also. The card signs J, Q, K, A, are gradually excluded here as well, but the main thing is in the huge portraits of villains appearing during each spin. The unshakable power of the Crusher, the extraordinary mind of Doctor Leprikus in combination with the charm and shooting skills of Madame Blast will help you to defeat the good guys. Let us also not forget about the Pyro, whose 'hot temper' literally burns all the hopes of the defenders of humanity.

Rejoice with a sinister laugh when you get two progressive jackpots

While the heroes and villains fight in the epic battle, you continue to spin the reels in anticipation of Power and Force jackpots. The growing values of these jackpots are displayed in the right and left upper corners of the screen. Which prize you get depends on the super-villainous emblem.

Show your villainous essence in the Power Force Villains slot machine and get unlimited access to the world's financial resources! If you are already signed up on Play Fortuna website, do not waste time and show the naive superheroes who's the daddy here!