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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - Blackjack Classic Standard Limit
  • Min Bet - $1
  • Max Bet - $40
  • Number of decks - 1
  • Max payout - 1600

Blackjack Classic - classic rules and frequent payouts

Blackjack Classic is developed by Net Entertainment. The game has an excellent graphics with animated elements, the ability to play several hands at once and fast mode.

It is worth noting, that blackjack online is very profitable at online casino Play Fortuna. The game operates on the principle of random dealing of numbers, which means that all dealt cards are generated by a mathematical algorithm. At the same time, this game has a high percentage of return, that provides regular winnings.

Rules and Gameplay

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer: get more points, but not more than 21. The game starts with placing bets, if there is a win afterwards, the bet is multiplied by the payout ratio. When bets are placed, the dealer deals the cards. Each player gets two cards face-up, and the dealer's one card is face-down. After that, the player can take additional cards or leave the available combination. When player finishes taking new cards, the dealer opens the second card and start taking additional cards until he hits at least 17 points. Points, by the way, are considered as follows: in accordance with the designation - up to ten points, and the Ace can bring 11/1 depending on the situation.

The prize is awarded if the player hits more points in comparison with the dealer. In this case, the winning coefficient depends directly on the combination. If you hit a blackjack, the winnings are paid in a ratio of 3:2. In all other cases, the player's wins are paid 1:1. If both players have equal points on their hands, the bets remain unchanged.

It is worth noting, that Blackjack Classic provides several hands at the same time. The gambler can play for a few players. The maximum number of hands is five.

Split, Doubling and Insurance

If the player gets two cards of the same face value or with an equal number of points (10 or two different pictures), he can divide it into two separate hands. The bet is automatically duplicated in this case. Then everything goes as in a normal game.

Doubling allows you to double the bet and get another card.

If the dealer has got Ace face-up, the player can insure his bet by doubling the bet. If the dealer hits blackjack, the player will lose only the basic bet and will get the insurance premium back in the ratio 2:1.

Interface and Design

Game interface can be divided into two parts:

  • game board
  • control panel

There are bet pockets, cards and paytable on the game board. The control panel is located lower. There you can find all the necessary buttons, select the desired chips denomination, watch the balance, value of the current bet and the win.