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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - Big 5 Blackjack Gold
  • Min Bet - $1
  • Max Bet - $200
  • Number of decks – 2 with 52 cards
  • The best hand - Blackjack - 21 points
  • All Face Cards are worth to 10 points
  • The cards 2 through 10 are worth their face value
  • Aces may be used as either 1 or 11

Big 5 Blackjack Gold

Blackjack remains the most popular and actual card game in all world casinos, whether they are real gambling houses or virtual portals. Starting from XVII century, it increased its popularity, acquiring new names and rules step by step. Classic blackjack, known by modern age, was completely formed in the middle of the century before last. On the same occasion it got its resonant and significant name. Currently, thanks to the opportunity of playing blackjack online, new original types of the game are constantly appearing. The so-called Big 5 or Big 5 Blackjack is popular among compulsive gamblers at Play Fortuna Casino.

Brief information about blackjack rules

The goal of Big 5 Blackjack Gold game is standard: to outgame dealer of the casino, minimizing his benefit. The terms of the win are also classic:

  • while scoring precisely 21 points
  • while scoring more points than the dealer has, but lesser than 21
  • while bust of points by dealer

Before the start, player makes the first bet and only after that game is started. During the real game there is a strict prohibition on touching your own fishes, violation of which is punished by fines and loss. In online game everything is easier: player has no possibility to make something with cards or fishes before dealer’s command. The first card deal is done according to usual rules. Dealer deals himself one card and two to player and then there is a game with additional bets.

The features of Big 5 Blackjack Gold

There are two most important differences between classical blackjack and big 5:

  • big 5 game 5 decks with 52 cards, but not two decks as in classical game.
  • during the bet it is possible to make bets in five different lines (starting, doubling after deal, doubling after each split).

play online в Big 5 Blackjack Gold

Other features are not so striking, but they also have big importance during the game. For example, if dealer has 17 points in hand, he takes one more card, thereby raising the player’s chances for win. During the online game in Big 5 Blackjack Gold the player can use the right of early surrender, slipping off cards as promptly as possible without dealer’s check on the ace presence. In this case, the half of the initial bet is lost. In addition, in this kind of blackjack there are non-standard rules of splitting. The player is entitled to split three times and not only pair cards, but also ten-point pictures (king and girl, for example). Aces can be split only one time. It is also necessary to mention that ace and ten-point card make up 21 in sum during the splitting.

Big 5 BlackJack Gold in casino Playfortuna

The staff members of the casino Playfortuna do their best in order to make players feel ease and comfort. In virtual gambling house the free version of online game Big 5 blackjack is accessible for clients’ convenience. This gives a possibility to train before real game, try to overgame dealer with free fishes and use interesting combinations without any hazard to personal account. Having convinced in your success and having chosen proper strategy, you may start playing for real money. In fact internet casino Playfortuna is firstly entertainment portal, whose aim is to give client a lot of pleasure of favorite game and present a possibility of additional income during such rest.