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game features
  • Game type - table game
  • Blackjack type - Atlantic City Blackjack Gold
  • Min Bet - $1
  • Max Bet - $200
  • The best hand - Blackjack - 21 points
  • All Face Cards are worth to 10 points
  • The cards 2 through 10 are worth their face value
  • Aces may be used as either 1 or 11

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Despite that it is not certain where the blackjack game was invented, this game have obtained its popularity just in the first American casinos. The classic type of the American game is an Atlantic City BJ called after the well-known city in the USA that was famous for its casinos starting from XX century. The online game by Microgaming at Play Fortuna Casino is a full virtual copy of this special kind of Blackjack.

Main rules and peculiar features

As the American BJ is one of the first versions of the game, it has standard base rules and values as well as usual payouts for bets. Therefore, it is necessary to mention the following:

  •  Insurance is available from blackjack if the dealer has an ace or a ten
  • Dealer must stand on all 17
  • You can split different face value cards
  • Maximum number of splits – three before you get 4 hands
  • After the split, the blackjack is considered as 21 points

The specifical peculiarities of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold are clear from the start of the game. The deal is made with 8 decks without jokers. The dealer deals himself two cards and the player also receives two cards. The dealer can look over the value of his hidden card if he gets an ace or a ten. If the banker has a blackjack, the stake is finished without a right for insurance or surrender. To compensate such privilege of the dealer, the player can double his bets no matter what cards he has. It is possible to double even after the split. But if you split aces, each hand receives one more card and the stake is over.

play online Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Ins and outs of Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Lots of professional players have been learning how to beat the dealer for years. But still, there are several rules, by which the beginner can raise his chances for the win. Experienced players will advice you:

  • double is allowed when the opened card of the dealer isn’t higher than nine and the sum of the points amounts to 10
  • don’t hit extra card if you score 17 points
  • if the dealer scores from 4 to 6 points and the player has more than 11, it is necessary to stand (the chance for success is increased for 40%)
  • always split aces, but don’t separate tens and fives
  • if the dealer has cards with a low nominal, it is beneficial to split sevens and fives

Using these strategies during the game at Playfortuna, you can have a great time, enjoying such interesting gameplay and get a superior revenue. To train without any risk, play for free at our casino.