What is a "Sprint"?

It is a fast tournament, limited in time, amount of bet and number of spins in the particular tournament slot.

Can I play it on any device?

Unfortunately, no. The sprints are only available on PC browsers. But our wizard-developers are working hard to make the game possible on any device.

How many games are involved in the sprint?

Only one slot is involved in the tournament.

Who is considered the winner of the sprint?

Three players with the highest number of tournament points are the winners of the sprint. Tournament points are awarded for the loss of one or a series of combinations.

Tournament points table:

Combinations and series Description of combinations Tournament Points
Win Win and bet ratio up to x15 2
BigWin Win and bet ratio from x15 to x30 15
MegaWin Win and bet ratio more than x30 100
3 wins in a row Three any consecutive winning combinations in a tournament game 5
Every 2nd Big Win Every second "BigWin" in the tournament game 35

How to join the sprint?

Click "Participate" on the sprints page or open any other slot in the "Play for money" mode.

How can I enter the tournament slot?

Click "Play for money" after the registration in the sprint. It is not necessary to wait until the sprint starts - you can play another slot and when the sprint starts you may enter the tournament game.

What to do after the registration?

After the registration in the sprint tournament, you can continue the game in any other slot. A timer on the right side of the playing field displays the exact time of the start of the sprint, for which you've registered.

Where can I see the list of sprints for the day?

A little below the main block of registration, we've posted a calendar of events for the whole day. Choose the desired prize and expect the start of registration in the sprint.

Where can I see the list of completed sprints and winners?

The list of all the sprints is below the "Sprint of the Day" banner. You will find the names of the three winners next to the tournament slot icon.

How much time the sprint takes?

The duration of each sprint is specified in the "DURATION" parameter.

What is "MIN.BET"?

This is a minimum bet for participation in the sprint. If your bet for a spin is below the minimum, the spin is not taken into account in the sprint. Accordingly, the winning combinations and a series of combinations won't be counted.

What is "MAX.SPINS"?

This is a maximum number of spins in the tournament slot. This number decreases with each spin, if the bet is higher than or equal to the minimum bet in the sprint, and remains unchanged if the bet is lower than the minimum.

How do I know my position in the table?

Your login is highlighted with green color. If there are too many participants in the sprint, you need to scroll the mouse wheel to find your login in the tournament table.

I made several spins, but the points and the number of spins did not change in the table. Why?

The tournament table is updated once every 1 - 3 minutes. Wait a bit, the counter of the remaining spins and tournament points will change if the bet is higher than or equal to the minimum bet for this sprint.

How many winning places in the sprint?

Three winning positions. The top three winners are determined by the maximum number of tournament points. This rule applies for the ordinary sprints and for the "Sprint of the Day" tournament.

If two players scored the same number of tournament points?

If several participants have the same amount of points, the highest position in the table belongs to the one, who scored the final number of tournament points first.

What can I win in the sprint?

Real money, points or free spins. All the winnings gained in the sprints have no wager requirements!

When I will receive the prize?

When you become one of the winners of the sprint, your prize will be credited to the game account within one hour, after the sprint is completed.

What is the difference between the "Current Sprint" and "Sprint of the Day" tournaments?

"Sprint of the Day" takes more time, than the usual ones and the prize pool is higher.

The prize fund is converted into the currency of my account?

Yes! For convenience, we indicate the prize pool in dollars, but the winnings are converted into the participant's currency equivalent after the win.

I do not remember in which sprint I've registered. How can I find the tournament game?

If you forget the sprint slot - don't worry! Enter any other slot and choose "Play for money" mode. On the right side of the screen you will see the current sprint slot.

Can I stop participating in the sprint while playing another slot?

Yes! If you have used less spins than specified in the "MAX.SPINS" parameter, you can continue the game later if the sprint is not over.