Play Fortuna casino clients are able not only to enjoy playing virtual slots for real money. There are special offers for regular players, among which there is a cashback bonus.

Cashback bonus - what is it?

CashBack bonus system provides a partial refund of funds spent during the game. This is especially suitable for those users who do not make regular deposits, but want to get a win. To use the service, you should create an account on the official website.

How to get CashBack

Play Fortuna casino charges a CashBack bonus at the end of the five-day work week - on Fridays. The funds are paid in points, which can be exchanged for real money or accumulated up to a certain amount. A player can exchange at least 1000 points that is equal to $1.

Accrued funds must be used during the year. If you do not invest in time, the cashback will be canceled or deducted from the account by the casino.

How to calculate CashBack

Refunds are calculated as follows: the withdrawal of funds and the balance of funds at the time of cashback are deducted from the amount of deposits for the past period.

The maximum cashback is 500 000 points (10 000 USD or more). The players will receive it in case of daily activity on the website. We also have a point calculating system for the bets you've made, regardless of whether you win or lose. For more information see Bonus Points.

The size of the refund can be determined by the table:

30.00 USD - 49.99 USD 1,000 points
50.00 USD - 99.99 USD 2,000 points
100.00 USD - 249.99 USD 5,000 points
250.00 USD - 499.99 USD 10,000 points
500.00 USD - 999.99 USD 20,000 points
1,000.00 USD - 2,499.99 USD 50,000 points
2,500.00 USD - 4,999.99 USD 100,000 points
5,000.00 USD - 9,999.99 USD 200,000 points
10,000.00 USD and more 500,000 points

Benefits of Cash Back Bonus for Casino Players

  • Minimal risk of loss
  • The ability to accumulate more real money
  • Exchange points for money
  • No narrow cashback time frame
  • 100% money back
  • Playing with the minimum amount on the balance